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          Sunan & Weijie Steel Balls Co., Ltd.
          Sunan & Weijie Steel Balls—Specializing in the production of steel ball
          Bearing steel and carbon steel, stainless steel ball production line production line
          Production specifications are bearing steel ball 0.5-180 - m/m, 0.5 150 m/m carbon steel ball, stainless steel 0.8-80 - m/m, and customized various special specifications of the stainless steel ball, copper balls, flying saucer, for the majority of users with high quality durable, complete specifications, reasonable price of all kinds of steel ball.
          More than 30 professional and technical personnel, all kinds of special steel ball testing equipment more than 50 sets.
          The company has advanced production equipment and advanced technicians cooperation.
          Specializing in the production of steel ball of nearly 200 sets of various equipment.
          The company won many honors and certification.
          Constantly improve the level of research and development ability and manufacturing, has completely passed ISO9002 international certification、Iso14000 certification, for the user to obtain stable quality of products provide a reliable guarantee.
          Have been made in China web certification certificate, etc.
          About Us

          Changzhou Sunan & Weijie Steel Balls Co., Ltd. (the former, Wujin Sunan Steel Balls Factory) that was founded in year 1989 professionally makes and markets steel balls for bearings and bicycles. 

          Our product specifications are ball bearings 0.5-180 m / m, carbon steel ball 0.5-150 m / m, stainless steel 0.8-80 m / m, while custom specifications of the various special stainless steel ball, Copper Balls, the ball flying saucer, for the majority of users To provide good quality durable, complete specifications and reasonable price of steel balls.

          Sunan& Weijie, an ISO9002 certified company, has nearly 200 production equipments and…

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